Payden & Rygel Bullish on EMD at TIMPG Spring Meeting

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Payden & Rygel Bullish on EMD at TIMPG Spring Meeting

We want to thank Payden & Rygel for their sponsorship of our Treasury Investment Managers’ Peer Group (TIMPG) meeting last week at Qualcomm. As members move into a post-crisis mindset, a key meeting discussion topic was which new asset classes to consider adding as their cash portfolios grow and to counter the extended lower interest rate environment. But keeping with post-crisis lessons, another topic was how corporates should best monitor portfolio characteristics and the new risk introduced with these new asset classes.

  • Emerging market debt by comparison. Among the asset classes offered for close consideration was emerging market debt (EMD), on which Payden & Rygel had bullish views, citing increasing numbers of investment grade issues. For most investors, EMD’s appeal will be impacted by the performance of the US economy. Payden’s Senior Economist Jeffrey Cleveland, and several members of its portfolio management team walked members through how government policies will affect the US as well as impact economies globally, with a particular focus on rates and key bond market segments.
  • New asset classes stress portfolio analytics. TIMPG members also discussed the different solutions available to solve the increased need for portfolio analytics and risk management. Fortunately, more solutions are becoming available that fit corporate treasury budgets. One member cited their use of Bloomberg PORT product, as an example.

We thank our TIMPG members for their active participation. And with them, we would like to thank Payden & Rygel for their ongoing support of the TIMPG!

The Treasury Investment Managers’ Peer Group (TIMPG) was launched in September 2004. This NeuGroup for investment managers at cash-rich MNCs has since become the leading group for peer exchange on corporate cash investment practices.