The NeuGroup - Sponsorship

The NeuGroup - Sponsorship

The NeuGroup invites organizations to sponsor individual NeuGroup events based on:

  • Recommendations from NeuGroup members
  • A sponsor’s fit with the group’s mandates and agenda topics
  • A sponsor’s ability value to the discussion through active participation and technical expertise.

“One of the principal aims of having sponsors participate in our NeuGroups is to help bridge the perceived divide between the products and services banks and other service providers are offering and what finance practitioners believe they need.” – Joseph Neu, CEO and Founder, The NeuGroup

Sponsors bring the outside subject-matter expertise and the experience that comes with assisting their customers. Sponsoring a peer group event also shows support for the members’ agenda of finding better solutions in collaboration with peer practitioners.

As an exclusive sponsor of a NeuGroup Network of Peer Groups meeting, you’ll 

  • Profit from insight into what leading practitioners see as their current challenges through agenda topics and session discussions and how they are responding to them.
  • Gain the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise or connections to external sources that would be a valuable part of the solutions practitioners are seeking.
  • Explore how your current or planned offerings will be perceived in the context of practitioners current challenges and responses
  • Showcase solutions that you have provided to group members or other clients.

All this fits into our overarching objective to enhance the value for sponsors and members alike. Sponsors typically bring perspective and expertise that is different from the members, including experiences from their broad interaction with many companies, government agencies, regulatory bodies, product development teams, research organizations and a host of other contacts. At the same time, sponsors gain access to the real challenges of their client base, while input from practitioners helps shape future product and service innovations to address corporate concerns.