2012 NeuGroup Highlights and 2013 Previews

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2012 NeuGroup Highlights and 2013 Previews

On behalf of everyone at The NeuGroup, I extend our best wishes for a prosperous 2013.  With these new year's greetings, I also want to share some highlights from 2012 and previews for 2013.

NeuGroup launches. The NeuGroup Network added its 15th group, the Assistant Treasurers' Group of Thirty, with the support of Citi in September. The AT30 proved to be long overdue in filling a gap in our offerings for AT-level professionals and is already near capacity (we may need an AT30-2). We also continue our push in Asia with a successful test meeting of MNC treasury professionals in Shanghai (hosted by our advisory board member, Rob Vettoretti with PwC). This effort complements the Asia Treasurers' Peer Group we launched last year in Singapore for regional MNC treasurers.  

Next up, T30-3 and a NeuGroup Treasurers' Summit. Expanding our treasurer-level offerings, we have a pilot meeting for a third Treasurers' Group of Thirty (T30-3) coming up in the first half of 2013 sponsored by Standard Chartered. The T30-3 enables us to serve an even broader cross-section of corporates ranging from larger mid-caps to mega-caps. With six treasurer-level groups, we are also excited to begin plans for a NeuGroup Treasurers' Summit in 2014 (stay tuned).

The NeuGroup Exchange. In the second half of the year, we introduced NeuGroup members to our new web platform at neugroup.com. It includes several new community elements for members to interact in between meetings and provides us tools to further collaboration in preparation for meetings, post additional content relevant to agenda topics and distribute benchmarking data. Members can look to the NeuGroup Exchange to further enhance the value of their membership. In addition, we continue to offer our trusted insight via International Treasurer and updates via our twitter streams (see @iTreasurer and @neugroup).

There are now over 300 members in the NeuGroup Network. Finally, we are proud to have recently surpassed the 300-member mark, representing over 180 organizations. We are truly privileged to have the trust of so many world-class professionals who allow us to lead them in peer knowledge exchange.

To all of our members who make this network special, our International Treasurer readers and the service providers who support our unique brand of professional collaboration, thank you!