Deutsche Bank and FiREapps to Co-Sponsor the 4th Biennial NeuGroup FX Summit

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Deutsche Bank and FiREapps to Co-Sponsor the 4th Biennial NeuGroup FX Summit

We are pleased to announce that Deutsche Bank and FiREapps will co-sponsor our 4th Biennial NeuGroup FX Summit with both our FX Managers’ Peer Groups (FXMPGs) in New York on March 19-21. Agenda planning for the meeting has begun, and topics ranging from the latest on Dodd-Frank’s impact on derivatives use in hedging to FX trading execution and the next-stage of evolution in eFX platforms to decision making surrounding earnings hedging are being considered. 

Deutsche Bank, which has been a frequent supporter of other NeuGroups, is sponsoring our FX groups for the first time. As the recognized Number 1 Foreign Exchange provider, we are very pleased to have them in the mix here.

FiREapps returns as a meeting sponsor to our FXMPGs, and is thus very well known to our members as a leader in FX exposure management, enabling them to better identify, analyze and manage FX risk using fact-based collaboration and avoid FX-related earnings surprises.

Each of our NeuGroups for MNC Foreign Exchange Managers meet twice per year, as do most of our groups, but they also come together for a joint summit day every other year, to accompany a meeting with their own group. This enables members to meet more of their peers in the NeuGroup Network, while maintaining the ability to share in-depth with the members of their own distinctive groups that they have come to know and trust.

For more information about membership or sponsorship of the FXMPGs, please contact