HSBC to Sponsor ATPG-China Pilot Meeting

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HSBC to Sponsor ATPG-China Pilot Meeting

We appreciate all who have expressed interest in our new peer group for regional treasury leaders in China that was recently spotlighted. We are pleased to announce that HSBC will sponsor the Asia Treasurers' Peer Group-China (ATPG-China) pilot meeting on May 14th, to be hosted by Cargill in Shanghai. It is a pleasure to be working with HSBC, a leading player in China, and extending The NeuGroup-HSBC relationship into Asia. We look forward to working with HSBC to build out this group with a successful pilot meeting.

The ATPG-China will complement the ATPG-Singapore group we formed in October 2011. It will also put us in closer sync with our members and other MNCs operating in China who are strengthening treasury roles there to account for this market’s importance, its complexity, and to put more strategic treasury decision-makers with the senior business and finance executives locating there to counter local competition and oversee regional and global lines of business (see also, “Where to Put Your Regional Treasury Center in Asia?”).

This group will provide a forum for treasury leaders to exchange knowledge and share insights on current topics relevant to treasury activities in and around China, as well as those planning for treasury expansion there.