Assistant Treasurers' Leadership Group

Assistant Treasurers' Leadership Group

The Assistant Treasurers' Leadership Group (ATLG) is the NeuGroup for assistant treasurer leaders from multinational corporations who share knowledge and practice for further development of treasury expertise and careers. In its first year, the ATLG is dedicated to treasury management at the highest level.

Who May Participate? Assistant treasurers from leading MNCs are invited to join subject to member approval. Select service providers may participate via meeting sponsorship.

The NeuGroup Network is a model unlike any other. The information and research that you receive through membership is stronger and more reliable within the context of peer-to-peer discussions, backed by pre-meeting surveys, individual interviews and post-meeting reports.


The external and internal environment for treasury management is only becoming more challenging as the role of treasurers expands beyond traditional areas, and as credit, regulatory and accounting forces reshape the environment that drives enterprise performance. As treasurers reach out to operations, purchasing, supply-chain management and ERM champions, they wear more hats, face more issues and benefit more immediately from exchanging best practices and solutions with their peers.

Unlike events sponsored by vendors or organized by industry associations, peer groups provide an opportunity for members to build a network to measure, compare and improve their treasury and finance management based on direct input from fellow practitioners.

Membership Fee: Please contact us to discuss eligibility and fees.