What About Brexit?

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What About Brexit?

Are you missing something important as treasurers when it comes to Brexit?

At recent peer group meetings, members have been asking each other about Brexit. The gist of the question is: Has anyone discovered something to be concerned about regarding Brexit? From a treasury standpoint, few have heard anything meaningful in response.  

Given that Brexit is scheduled to go down on March 29, 2019, whether the UK has an exit deal with the EU finalized or not, we thought it would be good to get some added expertise in the mix.

Enter BNP Paribas’ UK Economist Paul Hollingsworth, who joined them this summer from Capital Economics, where he also opined on Brexit. Paul will be addressing our Treasurers’ Group of Thirty Large-Cap Edition meeting in New York, via video link, which BNP Paribas is hosting on October 11.

We hope that with Paul’s perspective and his responses to the questions from T30 LC members, we will help shed light on this question and see if there is something that MNC treasurers should be worried about. He may also help members assess if it’s true that Paris is set to become the new center of trading for Europe.